By registering, clients can store their billing and shipping information to expedite future purchases. Client can save their shopping cart and favorites for reference later, and share their cart or their Favorites lists with friends and the photographer. We also send out coupons and specials from the list of our registered clients. To select favorites simply click "select photos" in the top right of page, on each photo in the lower left there is a circle, when you click on the circle a check mark appears, do this to all the photos that you consider your favorites. When done, in upper left click on "my selection' and in the drop down click "my selection" again. This will show all your favorites you selected. From here in the upper right you are able to share your favorites with the photographer or family and friends.


When you are 'browsing' the photos individually, the caption, image number and title (if applicable) are displayed under the frame. You can click on the photo to zoom in on it and then look around at the page options in that view. I recommend using the Slideshow, as the pictures will display bigger and there is a box in the upper right corner which you can click to display the caption info. Also, there's a scale in the upper-center which allows you to change the background color while viewing. It might be helpful to lighten it when viewing an image with a dark background. For maximum viewing pleasure, most browsers will go into 'full screen' mode when F11 is pressed, then press it again to return to normal browsing mode. Also, the brightness of your monitor makes a big difference when viewing photos as opposed to reading text, so you might try brightening your screen if the pictures look too dark. Due to differences in how monitors display colors, the images may not display exactly as intended.



If a photo is available to purchase, there will be a 'Buy' button on the upper right corner of your screen. Click the down arrow next to the button and click "select Product'. While viewing the full gallery, you may also select each photo you want to purchase by clicking on the lower left pop up circle that appears and when finished click the 'buy' button. When you are finished ordering prints, you can access your 'Shopping Cart' and then be able to select the print size you desire. The 'Best Fit' sizes will not require any cropping of the image. Other sizes will require you to indicate how to crop the image by positioning the yellow border on the image. If you have any problems or questions concerning the placement of an order, please email me using the 'Contact' link in the menu bar. Please reference the image number, which is in the upper right of the small thumbnails when you scroll over the image, and the 'Gallery' name when inquiring about a specific image. All prints will be processed by MPIX Labs and shipped directly to you unless indicated differently. 

When checking out, you will have three options:

1: Register for a free account to access your order history, save your Shopping Cart and favorites, and checkout faster in the future.  

2: Continue to checkout without registration. You will receive a e-mail receipt with a link to track your order status.

3: Paypal  

Please note that the watermark will NOT be on the final print, it will only appear on proofs and when being viewed online. Also, the images here are reduced in size and resolution, but the original, full-size file will be used for printing. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and please let me know if you have any questions or problems.



  • go to photo gallery
  • Click “select photos” at top right
  • Click “all” at top left
  • Or click circle at lower left corner of each photo you want to download
  • Once photos are selected, click “download” at top right
  • Click on link provided or for large downloads enter your email.